Top 3 Things Your Toddler Wishes You Knew

Okay, so we’ve all been there. Struggling. Trying to comprehend what’s going on in little one’s head. What’s up with the mood swings or the infamous “terrible twos” as they are called? Between the ages of 1-3, laughter can turn to tears faster than a Lamborghini on the Autobahn! Communication can break down faster than on old car on a road trip on a hot summer day! Often leaving us to wonder, “Is it me?” Is my toddler just “acting out?” “Is this normal?” Thankfully, you are not alone. Toddler tantrums have rattled the nerves of many parents before you, for ages.

However, as is the case with most things, it’s a two-way street! Huh? Yes! In your toddler’s eyes, you also display many a questionable behavior. They sometimes wonder, why don’t you get it? Why don’t you understand? Why are you slow to see this giant “elephant in the room” that’s poking a thorn in my side? Of course, they may not have the words to say this to you. But to be so tiny, their feelings run higher than a space shuttle; right through your living room ceiling. If they had the right words to tell you, they would.

#1 Thing Your Toddler Wishes You Knew

The frustration of understanding more than you can communicate: Have you ever seen a breath-taking sunset and just didn’t have the words to describe it? Ever loved someone so much and tried to explain it, but no matter what words you chose they all seemed to fall short? Now, imagine if that was the case every time you placed your order at your favorite restaurant! Would not be so pleasant, would it?

Your toddler is rapidly learning a lot! Let’s face it, learning a new language, all by itself, can be stressful even for your average adult. So cut your little love some slack. They are just starting to understand you fairly well, but they still do not feel they can adequately communicate their world back to you, most times.

#2 Thing Your Toddler Wishes You Knew

Why it’s so hard for them to take no for an answer: Let’s face it. Everything in your toddler’s world is magical. For example, when they are hungry, food appears. Try as you may, your little love will never be able to understand the amount of work that went into preparing that meal. Not at this stage. In their world, things just seem to happen or fall into place.

Now, imagine the feeling of skipping along in fields of lavender and butterflies. And just when you are about to bend over for a closer smell an extra large open hand appears in front of your face, covers your nose, and you hear the words, “No.” Kind of sobering isn’t it? Yes, as battle tested grown ups we feel it is only responsible for us to introduce a dose of reality to our little one now and then. After all, they must grow to be balanced adults.

However, in doing so, we must keep in mind what planet they are operating on. Oh, how we wish it were always earth! But it’s not. “No,” to them it’s like denying them a piece of their paradise.

It’s like your perfect vacation package being just one step away. You can see it! Hear the sounds. Even smell it. And then, wham! Right, when you go to step over into your paradise a glass wall appears, and you slam into the wall. Frustrating isn’t it?

Your little one is using their 5 senses, especially touch, to learn so much so fast. By all means, keep them safe and out of trouble, but also allow them to explore new things and pique their curiosity. One of their major heart’s desires.

#3 Thing Your Toddle Wishes You Knew

“No, me do it!”: We’ve all heard those words before. Especially, when it’s time to get dressed. Usually, followed by frustrated grunts or cries when they don’t easily find the hole to put their arm through. So what do we do? Let them try and gently help them at the point where they get snagged, but be careful not to take over and do all of the rest for them. Usually, they will let you know when to back off.

Your little one has become so independent lately. So what’s really going on? Let’s explain. Do you know how good it feels to accomplish one of your goals? That sense of joy, pride, and even a confidence boost? That is what your toddler is really looking for. No, they are not doing this to defy you or time or to slow you down when you are in a hurry. They want to feel that sense of achievement, like “I did it!” Then they would love nothing more than for you to join in on their inner self-praise and celebrate them with your purest excitement.

Now that we have unlocked the mystery of your little one’s mind. You should better understand the seemingly erratic behavior your toddler displays beyond reason. They do have reasons. In fact, real reasons more complex than they can explain or wrap their mind and words around.

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