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Blogging your audience to the action YOU desire! Need consistent blog posts once per week, bi-weekly, once per month? Whatever your schedule, we can get it done for you!

Here is an example of what I was able to do for client ApartmentList:

That’s Ranking #1 out of 2.8 Million other results!

Results are what you’re after! Results are what you get with me!

Work with me and let’s:

Build Your Audience
Keep Them Interested Once They’re There
Increase Engagement
– and Attract More Loyal Customers in the Process


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Product Descriptions

No time or patience to eloquently describe each of your products in a way to optimize sales? Let us give each or your products the quality time and bottom-line enriching listing it deserves.

CLICK HERE to see an example of one of our product descriptions:

Organic Premium Matcha

Here’s More:

Clean Body 28 Day Natural Tea Cleanse

Organic Pink Tea

Organic Live Fit Tea


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Ebooks | Workbooks | Activity Books

Want the authority that comes with being able to say, I “wrote the book” on it? Being an INSTANT respected authority in your field is just one order away. Books are greater than business cards! People may forget your name or lose your card, but you will stand out and become someone they pursue and want to know more about when you have a book with your name on it. It’s called Attraction Marketing. Effortlessly attract who you want to do business with! Create a greater business card or informational, instructional tool today!

Here’s an Example E-Book: 

Furniture Flipping Empire Using Facebook Buy-Sell Groups

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Website Copy

Tired of the virtual window shoppers? Want to increase your sales, yesterday? Let us handle your result-driven, sales-magnet content.


PPC and Other Ad Content

Running paid ads and want to maximize your response? No problem.

I KNOW how to create an ad that engages your target audience!

Check out this FB ad I wrote copy for and setup:

I have blocked out personal info on this account, but do you see where FB says, that the ad set is performing better than 90% of other ads like it!

This ad is measuring engagement from the target audience. So I am getting this target audience to engage better than 90% of other similar ads!

Plus, guess what?

There’s many more where that came from!

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Your personal “Ideas Person”

In all of our dealing with you, we make it quite obvious that we are seeking a long-term relationship. Therefore, after your initial order and an understanding of what you need. (upon request) We will personally take the initiative to come up with a few ideas to pitch you for a next project.


WordPress Article Uploading


Not only will we write the only content, but we will also ping it out to alert the search engines like Google that you have updated your website! This will allow it to be picked up faster by the search engines and be searchable quicker than usual.

Meet Your Deadline, EVERY TIME

Easily write in the voice and tone of your company


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Check My Extensive Experience:

– Educational/ Internet & Offline Marketing Product Creator (I have created Internet and Offline Marketing informational books, Children’s Workbooks with Word Search, Mazes, Crossword Puzzles and other puzzles and activities to deepen their understanding on a subject matter in an entertaining way.)

– Publishing Consultant/Coach

– Arts: (Music) Certified Audio Engineer and 2yrs As Assistant Stage Manager (for pro theater plays)

– Real Estate Investor (present) and Worked in Property Management

– Emini/Forex/ and Options Trader from 2009-2014

– Homeschooling 2010-present

– DIY and Gardening 2014-present

– Natural Remedies | Herbalist | Holism 2007-present

– WordPress Website Building

– WordPress/Woocommerce Website Building

– Shopify Website Building and Development (including product descriptions, SEO, etc.)

– International Bulk product Importing

– Running Paid Marketing ads (Facebook, influencer marketing, google shopping/plas and AdWords, Bing, and PPV traffic sources)

– Apple / Google Play / Kindle Magazine Publisher (Feb 2014 – Jan 2016)

– And More!

This experience and more has brought me to this current place of being able to offer so much value to you and your business.

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Specializing in writing blog posts about marketing and topics including (but not limited to):


– Real Estate and Property Management / Travel / Lifestyle

– Investing / Day Trading / Options Trading & Investing

– Personal Finance & Business (including Starting, Running, Maintaining, and Growing a Business)

– E-commerce

– Seo


– Gardening

– Hydroponics

– Aquaponics

– Aquaculture

– Herbs /Herbalist/ Natural Holistic Remedies

– Health and Fitness

– Survival and Emergency Preparedness (including prepping)

– Self-Defense

– Education (including Homeschooling)

– Children’s or Adult Maze, word search, puzzle books

– Outsourcing

– Internet Marketing

– Social Media Marketing (including free and paid, including Facebook ads)

– Offline Marketing

– Marriage and Relationships

– Self-Help and Psychology




Rates depend on the length, necessary time for research, complexity of the topic, and any extra services needed.

Need consistent content month after month?

Simple. It’s done!

Just ask about our retainer deals when you send the details of your project.


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Danielle | Educator | “I have never met anyone as consistent as Minniefield. She has a beautifully unique understanding of time and will not waste hers or yours. Not only will your deadlines be met, but you will experience what it’s like to do business with a person of high integrity! She does what she says she will do.