Write Hypnotic Marketing Blog Posts Your Clients Can’t Help but Read

Wondering how to make your words so electrifying that, like a blockbuster movie, your readers can’t look away?

Afraid they will miss the next valuable gem you pull out of your pocket, they hang on to their seats reading in suspense emotions flowing with the cinema of your words!

Have your attention? Great! So you see what I mean.

I will explain to you in easy to understand steps, how to write marketing blogs your clients will actually read and love.

In the words of Joe Vitale from the book Hypnotic Writing:

“If you give people what they want to hear, they will listen to you.”

I’m not talking about flattery here.


Readers are selfish.

They only want to know, “What’s in it for me?”, and before you argue let me explain.

Most likely you are reading this article with something pertaining to yourself in mind.

So I don’t necessarily mean selfish in a bad way, just that they are thinking about themselves.

They want to see themselves in your writing.

They want YOU to provide THEM with answers.

Be Mr. or Ms. Magic.

Solve their problem.

If you cannot do that, you will not keep your readers attention. They will disappear like a magic trick.

Except a very bad one, in this case.

Joe Vitale also says:

You must make your writing ACTIVE.

And before you think you just go slinging verbs up against the wall like…Well, you know what I mean, to see what sticks.

Listen closely let me explain!

Aha, do you see what I did there?

I told you to listen closely. One surefire way to get someone to tune in closer to what you are saying is to well, tell them to.

I really hope you caught that point and I really hope you are listening closely as I explain a few ways you can make your writing more active or ALIVE.

Use a Thesaurus

Please, I beg you PLEASE don’t bore your readers to death using the same old tired, overused words they always hear to get a point across.

Now, that does not mean go with the biggest word you can find.

But sometimes it’s a good idea to pick a different word that is also easy to understand.

For example, with the end part of the sentence, I just wrote. I could have said, – ‘pick a different word that’s clear’ or ‘pick and different word that also gets your point across.’

Do you see what I did there?

Don’t be afraid to change is up! As long as you effectively get your point across.

Use Similes

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve already done this a few times in this article.

Because I know if I don’t, your attention span will be like a drunk flee.

See I did it again!

State your point with something that readers can actually picture in their mind’s eye.

Here’s another, you need them to see it as clear as you are seeing this article right now.

Get the point?

Some other quick shot tricks of the trade include:

  • Use analogies
  • Occasionally, use quotes

These tips can apply to almost any form of writing.

If you follow what was said here, you should be able to engage your readers to action in no time.


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