PoeticCopy had its humble beginning years ago. I was eight years old when we were given the assignment to make a card for our mothers for Mother’s Day. I looked around and noticed that everyone else was simple gluing decorative pieces on their cards and writing, “I love you.”

Wanting to stand out, I decided to write a poem on my card as well. Not really even knowing I could, it just lit upon my mind. I did, and apparently, it was great!

Typically getting in much trouble for “pushing the boundaries” in school; This felt exceptionally well to now have my teachers passing my work around to each other, talking about how great it was, and not believing I wrote it on the spot in like 30 minutes. My mother, who is as straight-forward as they come and would honestly tell me if it sucked, yes even at 8, loved it! So did other family members.

This trend would continue! Later in middle school and high school I entered several national writing competitions and won! I had my first work published in middle school. Music and writing, are my first loves!

I say that to say this, when you work with me; you are not just getting a writer who settled on writing. You are getting someone who takes great joy in writing, and that passion communicates through in every piece.

I graduated and left home for college at the age of 17, where I studied Business Management. During this time I took matters into my own hands and have had the honor of working closely with and being mentored by many millionaires, in their respective industries, over the past ten years. These are friendships and relationships that I hold dear!

* Working in Property Managment & With Real Estate Investors
* Owning Rental Property of My Own
* Working w/ Established Authors
* Becoming an Author and Helping Other’s do the Same
* Building, Running and Ranking Niche Websites, Ecommerce Websites, Personal Websites, etc.
* Launching Internet and Offline Marketing Products
* Importing
* And More!

Today, I am a wife and homeschooling mother of 2 beautiful daughters!

Enough about me!

All of my life experience has brought me to this current place of being able to offer so much value to you and your business.

Here is an example of what I was able to do for client ApartmentList:

That’s Ranking #1 out of 2.8 Million other results!

Results are what you’re after! Results are what you get with me!

I KNOW how to create an ad that engages your target audience!

Check out this FB ad I wrote copy for and setup:

I have blocked out personal info on this account, but do you see where FB says, that the ad set is performing better than 90% of other ads like it!

This ad is measuring engagement from the target audience. So I am getting this target audience to engage better than 90% of other similar ads!

Work with me and let’s:

Build Your Audience
Keep Them Interested Once They’re There
Increase Engagement
– and Attract More Loyal Customers in the Process


To Success and Beyond,