If you are looking for result-driven words (copy) that flow together seamlessly like a melodic well-written song.

Attracts More Sales

Increases Your Online or Offline Presence and Authority

Saves You Time and Energy

Shows Quality & Dedication to EVERY Client

Copywriting with a pulse

We Offer Expert Writing Services on a variety of topics

SEO Blog Posts and Articles
Blogging your audience to the action YOU desire! Need consistent blog posts once per week, bi-weekly
Product Descriptions
No time or patience to eloquently describe each of your products in a way to optimize sales? Let us ...
Ebooks | Workbooks | Activity Books
Want the authority that comes with being able to say, I "wrote the book" on it? Being an INSTANT res...
Website Copy
Tired of the virtual window shoppers? Want to increase your sales, yesterday? Let us handle your res...
Social Media Content
Create new fans and let us give your followers and fans something to share. Something that urges the...
PPC and Other Ad Content
Running paid ads and want to maximize your response? No problem. I KNOW how to create an ad that ...


“You will experience what it’s like to do business with a person of high integrity! She does what she says she will do.”

Danielle | Educator | "I have never met anyone as consistent as Minniefield. She has a beautifully unique understanding of time and will not waste hers or yours. Not only will your deadlines be met, but you will experience what it's like to do business with a person of high integrity! She does what ...

“She’s a very good writer and her personality really shines through!”

Sacha Pilgrim | "I found Minniefield through a hashtag on instagram. I chose her because of the spirit she evoked reading her words. She's a very good writer and her personality really shines through!"

“She has a VAST KNOWLEDGE of PUBLISHING Ebooks, is PASSIONATE about what she does & Provides You w/ the NECESSARY TOOLS TO SUCCEED! Appreciate the opportunity to sit under her WISDOM & PROFESSIONALISM. Highly Recommended!”

C. Pilgreen | Throneventures LLC | "Minniefield has been such a pleasure to work with and learn from because she does it unselfishly. She has a vast knowledge of publishing Ebooks and her willingness to help is like none other. Minniefield is passionate about what she does, which in turn makes one a...


UMC | "I often crush things on here that I don't like in my reviews. This one I really like. If I didn't, you'd know, lol. I like her writing style and find it engaging. I like that she shows pictures of actual pieces that she purchased and listings and tells you where to sell, how to buy, how to pr

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